Staying in the Now

I would love to share with you five tips that I prescribe to (and endeavour to improve on daily) that keep me in the now, appreciating and enjoying the present. We are living in a time like no other where so many external influences compete for our attention. But to truly live a big life we need to dedicatedly control ourselves and stay focused on our own personal goals. I hope they help.

1. Single Task Not Multitask

 I truly believe multitasking is a joke. All it does is disperse your attention and ability in multiple different directions leaving you not enough to achieve anything well and a constant feeling of being manic. Do one thing – do it well. Build up your competence in it and then do it faster next time. And then quickly go on to the next thing – same applies. In this way you feel like you’ve achieved something and you don’t feel pulled pillar to post – you’re in charge and you’re in the now. 

2. Control your electronic usage

Take charge here folks. We are the bosses. I remember about 10 years ago laughing in bed with my wife at a colleague who was an “early adopter” in the email on your phone thing. The conversation went something along the lines of “Can you believe Fred (not his name) takes his work to bed hahaha”…fast forward to now and I’m not sure there’s many of us that can honestly say they feel in control of the time they spend on multimedia. Again too much of this and you are so far away from your kids when they are trying to get your attention. Start with a detox and then gradually introduce it back in with very strict guidelines. Reward yourself with the gift of being truly present.

3. Make it a habit to admire and speak out loud the beauty in someone, something or some achievement. 

Having gratitude and taking the time to admire and be grateful for those around you really grounds you with a sense of purpose. Don’t seek out the bad. Most people are acutely aware of their shortcomings but even if they aren’t you are not helping them by reminding them or yourself of past failures or things that weren’t great. I find the simplest way to really grow a person or an area is to actively appreciate what is good about it. Furthermore, by doing this, you are keeping yourself in the now – not living in the past when it didn’t work out. Double bonus. 

4. Don’t read all the news all the time

Bad news sells and hence they publish a disproportionate amount of it. Not right but true. If you are struggling with being in the now and are reading all the bad news well chances are you wouldn’t want to be here anyway. Certainly, I wouldn’t if the world was truly how the news portrayed it. But it actually isn’t – the world is a wonderful place filled with many great adventures and opportunities to live our best life and help others do the same. Cut yourself a break and turn off the news for a bit!

5. Love a dog 

Say no more. Dogs are the perfect example of living in the now. They love without bounds, see the beauty in you (even when you can’t) and they haven’t yet got stuck in the overdose of electronics and bad news. You can’t lose with a dog.

I would love to hear how I can help you quieten the noise,  live in the now and reorientate you to your goals. If they require finance to achieve them I would love to be of assistance.