With our reservoir of skills and experience, diverse network of lenders and ability to navigate complex borrowing situations, we can achieve outcomes you never thought possible. We’re in your corner and we’re in it for the long term.


We take the time to understand your unique position and lifestyle needs. This allows us to identify the specific lenders that will offer you the best terms for your home loan. This includes an appropriate level of finance, pricing discounts, interest rates and credit support.


Getting finance for an investment loan on your terms is key to your success as a property investor. Willow and Oak Investment property experts are able to secure the right loan and lender for you. Many applications fail because of the way they are presented. By understanding the risks and weaknesses a potential transaction may have, we are able to submit applications in the right format and to the appropriate lender to maximise your chance of success.


If you own your own business, applying for a home loan can have its own set of complexities. Our expertise with working with business owners to secure commercial finance provides us with a unique advantage. We are able to understand your business income and present your position to lenders best suited to your circumstances and needs. Our strength lies in uncovering solutions that may not have been obvious to you, while securing the right rates and features in your home loan.


Feel like you could be getting a better deal on your loan? With so many options out there, more people are choosing to refinance their loan. But sifting through home loan comparison rates online can be a tough slog. We take the time, hassle and overwhelm out of assessing which loan product will work best for you. It’s not just about interest rates, but about getting the right lender to suit your circumstances – now and in the future.


Self-managed superannuation funds are becoming increasingly popular because they offer members more options or increase their exposure to the property market. Legislation now allows people to borrow within their self-managed superannuation funds to acquire property. We can guide you through the process and work with the right advisers to allow you to leverage your current equity and to help you get closer to your desired retirement lifestyle.


Whether you’re going for a new build, upgrading an existing home to make it more liveable or eco-friendly or looking to do a multiple dwelling project, we can find you the best options to do so. Drawing from our strong network of lenders, we’ll select the most attractive product for your unique project requirements.

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