How do you Turn a Business Idea into Reality?

Its that time of the year when we start to look to a new year, and that means new year resolutions, new plans and projects, and working out how to achieve your goals for the new year.

My business, finance for business and property, revolves around how to help you make your goals become a reality.

If you’re reading this it is likely that you are one of those people who like to dream, and you have a yearning to make that dream become a reality. This is something I understand really well (having just recently decided that I would climb a literal mountain and then doing so).

Mount Kilimanjaro
Adam at Mount Kilimanjaro

Before we get into how to make that planning become real, there is a very important point that I think bears mentioning.

Sadly, there is a possibility that if you are planning something big, or life-changing, then you may find one or two people around you who tell you, possibly constantly, that when you are thinking is too hard, that it can be made to happen, and that you are wasting your time even thinking about it.

You are going to have to deal with this first because these people have a tendency to stop or slow you down.

You have a couple of options which may work;

1) ignore them, or at least ignore those comments that do not encourage you

2) create some distance from people like this in your life (not always possible if they are family or close friends)

3) tackle them head on about it (not aggressively), tell them that it is your dream and that you don’t need opinions about that, or similar

Number 1 is the easiest but may not be effective, 3 is the best result, but may not suit everyone or every circumstance.

And with the naysayers out of the way, we can work out how to actually achieve your goals;

1) Work out what your actual goal is – you might think that means, run a business, or make a lot of money. But I want you to work out what is the result of that. Do you want to have a great business so that you can achieve financial freedom for your family, do you want to provide a facility that cures a disease, ridding people of suffering, or do you want to help people become educated in a field so that they can, in turn, live a better life. This will be very personal to you of course.

2) What is the vehicle you will use to do that – is it an online business, bricks and mortar shop, a property portfolio, or investing in a ’67 Mustang? Again, this is very personal to you.

3) What are the full resources you will need to get to that position outlined in 1 and 2 above? What are the funds needed, number of people, equipment, property etc

4) Now break that down into time and actions. This could be a longer step and may require some back and forth from you to work through. What do you need to achieve today, tomorrow, next week in order to get this done?

5) Group these steps into logical sections. Everything to do with finance, everything to do with education etc.

6) Put your steps down into lists in a sequence, adding steps as you go until you have short finite steps that can be easily done.

How smartly and quickly you get these steps done is going to determine how you get the final goal achieved.

It’s like that old adage, how do you climb a mountain? One step at a time.

If you find one of your steps stalling, you can go back, break that step down into smaller steps that are easier to do, or you can rewrite the step completely, but you won’t have to abandon the final goal.

How do you turn a business idea into reality? One step at a time.