Going outside your comfort zone

It sneaks up on you. You think you’re pushing but then one day you realise you’re reacting the same way to the same things and those reactions are not conducive to expansion. I’ve had a few of these moments in recent times and as such I’m so pleased to announce that I’ve realised and subsequently made moves to break free from a few of my useless habits and patterns that don’t serve me anymore.

The first habit I am gradiently breaking away from is the “do it all myself” pattern. From all my reading, observation and personal experience I can see that there is no way I can run a business with the size and impact I desire by doing everything. I will burn out.  This is a constant challenge to me (and I think anyone competent in what they do) but to be a great leader I have to actively pass on my learnings to others. That said, it doesn’t come naturally me. I am very fortunate to have a beautiful wife that supports me in this and to this end she is going to now share the role of writing this newsletter with me. So some months you’ll be treated with a newsletter from Sal and other months – well you’re stuck with me!

The second habit is rather than sit back I am determined to be more proactive in promoting our business. Acknowledging that to to promote my business I have to put myself out there more and more. Whilst I am very comfortable and thoroughly enjoy chatting to my clients and friends in groups and one on one I have too often rejected opportunities to talk at events, seminars etc. So I announce to you now that this is going to change going forward. We have actually recently commissioned a company to produce a fabulous new website and honestly it felt like it was going to be worse than going to the dentist when Sally announced that we had a whole day booked to have photos taken and videos shot. That said, it wasn’t too bad and do you know I think the next one will be better! Yes – there is even talk of a next one…so yeah, way outside my comfort zone here but it kind of feels good. And even when it doesn’t feel good I know it is right. So for now I will fake it ’til I make it and I’m sure when I look back I’ll see how far I’ve pushed the boundaries out.

The third habit that I want to break is the “not having the hard conversations”. To a degree I do this but to the degree I don’t I am aware I limit my success and expansion. Nobody wants to be told something that may upset them but even less do they want to be lead to believe something is other than it is. Finance is at times a confronting environment. Noone ever wants to hear “no” but you know what sometimes they need to …..

Sally and I recently spent the week in Port Douglas at a work conference. We were fortunate enough to hear a couple of fantastic guest speakers – Ron Iddles – 43 years in the police force. His conviction rate was 99% and he has been dubbed “Australia’s greatest detective” and Gary Pert former CEO of Collingwood. Whilst there were many take homes from their speeches they reinforced to me that living a life outside your comfort zone with integrity, core values and strong purpose is really the only type of life I want to be leading.

I challenge you to have a look at where you’re at and come join me in pushing past the naysayers in both your own head and in the surrounds and insisting on reaching your true potential.

Oh and on that – I am so proud to write…at the conference I was lucky to be awarded Runner Up in two categories – Sole Commercial Broker and the big one – State Brokerage of the Year!! Hard to believe when you’re up against much larger, more established firms but hey, I’ll take it! Confirmation we are on the right track.

If you’d like to have a conversation please don’t hesitate to give us a call at the office – 03 95969193