Broker or Bank?

When you’re looking for finance you could go to a finance broker or to a bank.
I’ve worked as both – my career before this one was as a manager at two of Australia’s leading banks so I know what I’m saying when I write that whilst a bank can only offer you it’s own product as a broker you have the luxury that you can sort through all the loan products on the market to find the best one to suit your clients needs.
It’s no wonder that finance brokers are now the number one choice for borrowers seeking a new  loan or to refinance their existing loan.

What can a finance broker do for you?


Any finance broker worth their salt knows the industry, the lenders, the best people to deal with within the banks, their products and their requirements.
They have a wealth of knowledge and experience and they want to apply all of that to your unique credit situation to help you simplify and get the best result.


A good finance broker helps you make sense of all the words .The industry jargon and technical words thrown around can bamboozle and confuse – pretty scary given the dollar amount you are taking about. Once you understand what the lenders are saying and what the loan documents say your confidence with the whole process will increase considerably.

Provide options, comparisons and the best deal

Brokers have a large selection of loan products whilst the banks can only offer you its own product. Additionally whilst the banks and other loan providers are always advertising their latest specials it takes an expert to navigate through the deals to work out and compare the apples with apples to ultimately get the most suitable loan for the clients circumstances.


A good finance broker wants the best for you. They are what you want and need from them. Not all clients need the same from us but all enjoy the relationship and recognise the value a broker has. Our product for servicing our clients is that we free you up to do what it is you do best. We are experts in the industry and we are out talking to bankers day in day out to seek and find the best financial solutions for our clients.

Old Mate

Like an old mate a finance broker of value becomes a mate. Not a person that flies in and out when the deal is on…I take pride in my client’s successes to me their financial growth is an indication that they are on the right path. I would like all my client’s to fulfil their financial dreams whatever they maybe – whether to grow a large investment portfolio or to sail the world. I take an interest and like to keep track of your needs to ensure you are always best situated for the future.

We are MFAA accredited. The Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) is the peak national body representing professional finance brokers across Australia and all members must adhere to a strict code of conduct and high professional development standards.

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