Financial Services

Financial Services

We provide lending solutions for both commercial and residential purposes.

Commercial Lending

We can help you find finance for property construction and development, loans against existing commericla property, business and corporate lending and equipment leases.

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Residential Lending

We can help you to fund residential loans for owner-occupied and investment properties, as well as leveraging equity for other purposes. We can also assist you to set up loans for self-managed super funds.

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Commercial Lending

Details of our commerical lending services.

Property Construction and Development Funding

A development project has many challenges not least is gaining the funding to complete the project. Willow and Oak have extensive experience in working with developers. We bring our experience and knowledge to the table when dealing with the banks to secure your project the best funding solution with maximum ease. When doing so we take many aspects into consideration as we look to present yourself and your project to funders in the best light – highlighting your strengths and mitigating any perceived risks. We leave nothing to chance.

Commercial property Loans

Willow and Oak can assist with the purchase of commercial property for your business to operate from or for investment purposes. We have experience across all commercial asset classes including retail, office, industrial and various specialised commercial property assets. Using Willow and Oak you will give yourself a far better chance of receiving commercial property finance approval with the terms and conditions you desire. Why? Because this is whatWillow and Oak’s highly experienced and well connected Director, Adam Smyth, specialises in!

commercial lending

Lending for business and corporate entities

We can assist with the funding requirements for a broad range of trading businesses and corporate. Typical funding requirements here will include; acquisitions, funding for business growth, ongoing working capital, purchase of plant and equipment, facilitation of succession planning.

Willow and Oak’s skill set in business lending and strong network in your corner will have you better placed to meet your business goals and objectives. Our objective is to ensure you don’t take your eye off the ball with the running of your business by getting too distracted with the job of handling the finance. Leave that to us.

Other Funding

Equity and Mezzanine Funding: If you don’t have enough equity in your development project we can source appropriate funds to fill the gap.

Equipment and Vehicle Leases: Willow and Oak have access to a broad range of lenders one of which will be the right solution for you. Willow and Oak can do the sorting process for you. Let us help.

Residential Lending

Details of our residential lending services.

commercial lending

Home Loans and Investment Loans

We will be pleased to explain your funding options and work with you so you can decide which one is right for you. Willow and Oak has experience in assisting first home buyers to professional property investors and entrepreneurs who have complex ownership and income structures. Either way, Willow and Oak is committed to helping all our clients to find the optimal solution with minimal effort required from you – the client.

Self Managed Superannuation Loans – Residential and Commercial

We believe this to be an exciting new area for our clients to consider. Legislation now allows people to borrow within their self-managed superannuation funds to acquire property. Willow and Oak can work closely with lenders and financial advisors to see if this may be an option suitable for you.

About willow&oak

Our business and philosphy

building finace
finance for developments
finance for purchasing plant and equipment

willow&oak is a financial services company providing expert professional solutions for individuals and companies to free them up to do what they do best. Headed up by Adam Smyth our objective is to provide our clients with the best funding solution for their individual circumstances.

Originally named New Financing Solutions we started in 2010 and have secured funding for projects valued in excess of $50 million dollars. Ranging from domestic loans of $1m to commercial projects valued at $10m+.

Our objective is to provide our clients with the best funding solution for their individual circumstances.

We provide our clients with:

  • the confidence that their interests are being managed in a professional and timely manner
  • transparency around all our process, including clearly defining your expectations of our service
  • assurance that they can go on doing what they do best – whether this may be running a household, a small or large business, or looking to deliver a multi-million dollar pproperty development – while we take care of their financing needs.

This is achieved through investing the necessary time with our clients and by utilising our finance expertise and our knowledge of the current and ever changing lending marketplace to ensure that we obtain the optimal outcome for our client.

willow&oak seeks to establish excellent long term relationships with all stakeholders and always have the appropriate funding for the project. Contrary to public opinion, financing should not be a “set and forget” affair. To get the best for your situation means consistent monitoring of products in the marketplace and change when something becomes more suitable. willow&oak will regularly review our client’s needs in line with the financing marketplace ensuring you are always best placed to flourish and prosper.

The willow&oak Team

willow&oak have our original permanent staff, bringing in other experts as required.




Adam is an experienced banking and finance professional with a strong understanding of the current and ever-changing funding landscape and experience in funding growth strategies across a number of industries.

Prior to establishing willow&oak, Adam was a Manager within the commercial banking division at Macquarie Bank Limited. Adam’s role involved the provision of cash flow funding to lawyers, financial planners, insurance brokers, accountants, real estate agents and pharmacists as well as funding for property developers, investors and high net worth individuals.

Much of the cash flow funding needs were driven by merger and acquisition (M&A) activity and internal equity transfers. This involved assisting clients in understanding many of the issues involved in the M&A process and providing a sounding board in the negotiation process. In earlier roles, Adam spent 2 years at the National Australia Bank working with clients to resolve cash flow and alternative funding solutions and 2 years at Australian Business Research (ABR), where he provided risk management consulting services to clients in the Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide markets.

In addition Adam was a credit and business analyst with Dun and Bradstreet (D&B), which is a global leader in the provision of business and credit information. Commencing in a graduate program within the organisation, Adam was awarded the Business Analyst of the Year in 2000, a highly regarded award and selected from a large graduate group. It was during this role that Adam gained strong skills in analysing company financial and operational performance and in risk management.

Adam holds; a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Melbourne Business School, a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Canberra and holds a membership in the Mortgage Finance Association of Australia (MFAA).

We are standing by to help you achieve the best finance result possible for your needs.

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